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    Rug Care:

    Did you buy a top quality handcrafted item from me, and are now panicking because you don't want to ruin it from every day ware?

    Leave it in the sun once or twice a year if you can find some. With the sun facing the back of the rug to destroy enzymes and get rid of any smells.

    Lightly vacuum the back and front of the rug once a week.

    Beat the rug once a year over a washing line to remove dust and dirt embedded deep in the pile.

    Turn regularly to ensure the wear of the rug is even.

    Comb or brush out fringes using a broad tooth brush.

    Use protectors on chair legs or tables to protect the rug.


    If a spillage occurs, it is important to remove it is quickly as possible, so as to avoid permanent staining or damage to the carpet pile.

    Listed below are some of the most common stains and spillages that occur within the home. To assist in the removal of the spillage first identify the spillage from the table below, then refer to the relevant procedure for treatment.

    If in doubt. Ring a professional carpet cleaner.

    Prior to cleaning any spillage, treatment and cleaning solutions should be tried in a small inconspicuous area first.

    Candle WaxG&AMilkB
    Chewing GumD&AMustardF
    ChocolateBNail PolishE
    Cooking OilA&BPet FoodF
    CrayonA&BShoe PolishA&F
    DyesFSoft DrinksF
    Fruit JuiceFTeaA
    Furniture PolishAUrineC&F
    Ice CreamB


    Apply dry-cleaning fluid, use dry towel/cloth. Blot, do not rub. Repeat with dry cleaning fluid application. Blot, do not rub. Dry with weighted pad of towels.

    Apply nail polish remover, non-oily acetone type - use cotton towel to apply the spill. Do not wet through to carpet backing.

    Pick up softened material - use clean white paper towel and push towards the center of the spot to avoid spreading the material. Repeat above - soften and carefully remove a layer of the material each time. Haste may spread the stain and/or damage the carpet.

    Scrape of excess material. Lightly rub area with a fresh slice of white bread.

    Scrape or blot up excess spill. Apply detergent solution, see 'Cleaning Solutions', use damp towel. Blot, do not rub. Apply water with damp towel. Blot - Dry with weighted pad of towels.

    Apply detergent solution, see 'Cleaning Solutions', use damp towel, leave 3-5 minutes. Blot, do not rub. If stain is removed, finish with a water rinse, blot, followed with a pad of weighted paper towels. If stain not removed continue as follows.

    Apply hydrogen peroxide solution, see 'Cleaning Solutions', let stand 2 to 3 hours under a weighted sheet of plastic wrap.

    Repeat application of hydrogen peroxide and dry under weighted plastic wrap until removal is complete. Apply water with damp towel. Blot - Dry with weighted pad of paper towels. Apply undiluted white vinegar, only after stain is removed.

    Scrape or blot up excess spill. Apply detergent, see 'Cleaning Solutions', use damp towel. Blot, do not rub. Apply ammonia, see 'Cleaning Solutions', use damp towel. Blot, do not rub. Apply water with damp towel. Blot - Dry with weighted pad of towels. Apply undiluted white vinegar, only after stain is removed.

    Scrape off excess material. Cover with white cotton towel or brown paper. Apply warm iron until material is absorbed. Be sure towel is large enough to cover the stained area. Take care never to let the iron touch the carpet as the fiber may melt. Change towel or rotate to clean area and repeat until all area is absorbed.

    Scrape or blot up excess spill. Freeze with ice cubes. Shatter with blunt object such as the back of a spoon. Vacuum chips away before they melt.

    Vacuum away as much as possible. Loosen remaining material by tapping with a scrubbing brush or toothbrush. Tap with brush, do not scrub. Vacuum again.


    Detergents: Mix 1 / 4 teaspoon clear, hand/dish washing detergent with 1 cup of warm water.

    Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix 1 / 2 cup with 1 teaspoon ammonia.

    Ammonia: undiluted, unscented, clear, household ammonia.

    Dry Cleaning Fluid: Liquid, non-oily, non caustic

    IMPORTANT - Some spillages despite early attention i.e. bleach, plant foods, hot tea, hot coffee and fruit cordials may result in the permanent staining of the carpet

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    Wool Carpet Care

    Take your shoes off - its not just mucky footprints you'll prevent; soles with grips can damage carpet pile.

    Vacuum everyday. That's right, everyday. If your vacuum has a beater bar or brush head, even better.  Always turn it off if you can, when you've got a loop pile carpet.

    Move things around a little - reorganising your furniture can reduce wear and tear in certain places.

    When carpet pile starts to look flat, vacuum against the pile to help lift it.

    If your new carpet is shedding fluff, vacuum it regularly so it doesn't clog the pile.

    Deal with spills quickly so there less likely to stain. Mop up spills quickly and gently using a clean white cloth - don't rub.

    Don't believe the old wife's tales - salt and white wine aren't good for cleaning red wine or anything else! (See us. We have the best stain removers)

    If your using cleaning products on spills. Make sure they're designed for wool carpets.

    If in doubt, call in the experts.

    When your new carpet is fitted, you might notice a few little niggles while its getting settled in. Don't worry they're totally normal and wont last long.

    Shedding - all new wool carpets shed to begin with. Just vacuum regularly to stop it clogging up the pile.

    Sprouting tufts - occasionally little tufts are missed when carpets are sheared smooth, and these can work their way to the surface. Never pull them, just cut them off with sharp scissors level with the rest of the carpet.

    Hope this has helped and if you need to know more don't hesitate to phone or email me.

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